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Design Styles


The transitional kitchen is an updated classic with contemporary twists. It reflects a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, incorporating lines that are less ornate than traditional designs, but not as severely basic as contemporary lines. Transitional kitchens are open to interpretation and are especially ideal for those who don’t like rules or want to make their own design decisions.

Transitional Designs
A subtle blend of traditional elegance and contemporary design create the beauty of the transitional space. A touch of the old and a touch of the new make transitional kitchens welcome in nearly any environment.


midcentury-kitchen-1Contemporary design embraces the “less-is-more” philosophy. Contemporary cabinetry combines elements that emphasize neutral colors for main pieces, combined with bold tones in accessories for a contrasting aesthetic. Strong lines enliven minimalist and sleek design for cabinetry that can be stark, yet functional.

Contemporary Designs
Chic, uncluttered, sleek, and very stylish are the element of contemporary kitchens. Think European-inspired with a sophisticated, urban feeling.



Traditional cabinetry is often high-quality, created utilizing Old World craftsmanship. It is made with hand-carved woods and is both elaborate and formal in setting.

With this design style, the cabinetry reflects characteristics from various eras in which it was made. Traditional cabinetry is mostly known for its regal style, as each piece was meant to mimic the finest antiques and furniture of times gone by.

Traditional Designs
Timeless elegance and classic styling are the hallmarks of traditional designs. A handsome combination of fitted and freestanding cabinetry creates Old World charm and grace.

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